Andy Meyer: TwoDEEP Brewing Company

With a degree in Communication and Culture from IU Bloomington, Carmel High School grad, Andy Meyer moved to Chicago. He took a job with ABC/ESPN radio networks as a junior account executive that involved advertising on shows like Paul Harvey, Dan IMG_0664Patrick, and Mike & Mike in the Morning. He moved on to another job with NCM Media Networks that involved being responsible for all of the commercials shown before the movies in theaters. During his time in Chicago, he discovered craft beer, home brewing, and, eventually, the Siebel Institute where he studied during the spring semester of 2009.

2010 found Meyer back in Indiana with designs on getting into the brewing business commercially. By 2011 his plans began to gel and he “spent about two years kind of getting all the ducks in a row.” In early 2014 he landed at his current location at 714 N. Capitol Avenue in Indianapolis. By August of that year demolition and renovation had been accomplished, including the installation of the brewing equipment. TwoDEEP Brewing Company was open for business.

Blue Blood Brewing Company in Lincoln, Nebraska was upgrading to a bigger brew house and needed to sell off their original equipment. Meyer had recently met the owners of Blue Blood and was able to purchase this 15-barrel, two vessel system in a mutually advantageous bargain. His equipment is rounded out with three 15-barrel fermenters and one 30-barrel fermenter in addition to matching bright tanks.

His King Fergus English Brown Ale is one of Meyer’s most memorable brewing experiences. He had intended to brew a Scotch Ale. However, an error in ordering the base malt compounded by inattention to milling in resulted in the wrong malt being mashed in. Furthermore the mash tun, not being meant for high gravity beers, would not accommodate everything. This required the removal of several pounds of grain. As Meyer says, “lo, and behold, our King Fergus English Brown was born.” In spite of the mistakes involved, a great beer was the result that still finds itself on tap today.IMG_0655

All of the recipes at TwoDEEP are Meyer’s. Many of them were home brews that “graduated” to production scale. These include all four of the year round beers as well as many of the seasonals and specialties. Naturally, you can’t scale up ten gallon batches to 465 gallons without some tweaking.

IMG_0660The Nightstick Cream Ale is Meyer’s bestselling brew both in distribution and the tap room. He assesses this as “the most approachable beer that we do.” Right now his two go to brews are the 19 Day Maibock and the Fifty Shades of Brown, a brown ale with accents of allspice and lemon & lime zest. TwoDEEP is a malt-forward brewery as Meyer strives to have an emphasis on the malt side of the recipe bill. He is especially fond of malty German lagers.

The recently tapped Mr. Papagiorgio, a honey oatmeal pale ale, is a brew that Meyer has been pleased with. And, yes, that is the Mr. Papagiorgio of Vegas Vacation fame. Furthermore, all of his tanks are named after various characters from the National Lampoon Vacation series. Many of his brews have movie reference names as a nod to his previous life working in the movie business. The names are clever, and fun. The beers themselves are awesome. Andy Meyer makes beer that craft beer lovers will enjoy. Try them.

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