Dan Krzywicki: Chilly Water Brewing Company

Dan Krzywicki comes to Indy from the South Bend area. He attended Ball State University where he studied landscape architecture. While in school, he found a friendIMG_0796 who was home brewing. Unaware that this could be done, and, impressed with the quality, he started home brewing himself. After several years, he quit his day job and started volunteering at Oaken Barrel Brewing Company. He soon got a part time gig at Alcatraz Brewing Company. Unfortunately, it was not long before Alcatraz closed its doors. He then moved on to Great Fermentations which is a home brewing supply store.

Meanwhile, the Alcatraz brewing equipment was being moved to the new Fountain Square Brewing Company. Once everything was installed, Krzywicki got a call to work there. His favorite beer is pilsner. In fact, brewed the original Workingman’s Pilsner that is a staple on Fountain Square’s brew menu. When Skip DuVall left to start Chilly Water Brewing Company, Krzywicki followed to become the head brewer. The brewing equipment at Chilly Water consists of a seven barrel system with 3 seven barrel fermenters and 2 fifteen barrel fermenters. The Chilly Water equipment is very different from the equipment Krzywicki used at Fountain Square. For example, he now has a IMG_0794direct fired system while Fountain Square’s is steam jacketed. He was directly involved in the installation of the Chilly Water system and having that intimate acquaintance with it makes him much more comfortable. The only time he ever had to dump a brew involved a piece of the vent stack with some aluminum tape falling into the brew at Fountain Square. That fouled the taste and required disposal.

Krzywicki says his favorite part of the brewing process is consumption of the end product. However, he also finds the entire process fulfilling including the strenuous physical component. His favorite Chilly Water brew is the Built to Last German Pilsner. He especially likes German style lagers. He looks forward to pulling some things out of some barrels he has aging and mentions a sour in particular. Chilly Water has twelve house brews on tap currently. The pilsner and the IPA are the only two that are always available while everything else rotates. He is responsible for all of the recipes for the various brews and follows the artistic approach rather than the science and numbersIMG_0793 method.

When asked what his advice would be to a would-be brewer, Krzywicki’s response was “don’t home brew.” Professional brewers don’t want bad habits or false knowledge coming into the brewery. He does allow that home brewing can give a fledgling brewer some good knowledge of ingredients and recipes.

Interestingly, Krzywicki’s Chilly Water brews are for in house sale and consumption only, with vary rare exceptions. Neither do they have any guest taps.

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