The Indiana Microbrewers Festival was a blast!

Perfect weather cooperated to make the 22nd Annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival an awesome experience for everyone who attended. The event takes place in downtown IMG_0394Indianapolis at Military Park, the city’s oldest park. It consists of 14 acres of lawn and many mature trees and is unblemished by any vehicular traffic. Golf carts were used to distribute ice to the brewers and to haul off debris, etc. As for the brewers, they were arrayed around the park mostly in one of the eight big tents set up for the occasion although a few were in the open area between the tents.

Early Bird tickets were available to get you in at 2:00 PM while General Admission tickets were for entry at 3:00 PM. The Early Bird ticket was the way to go. For that first hour the lines were almost non-existent. Later on, some of the lines got pretty long. However, they moved quickly and the conversation and general atmosphere was great. The longest and slowest lines were for the portable IMG_0390 (1)toilets.

The brewers and beer slingers were really fun to talk to. Learning where the breweries were located and sampling the various beers made this festival an entertaining experience. If you missed it, make plans for next year to attend as soon as the date is announced.  Check at the Brewers of Indiana Guild website and Facebook page for information.

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